John Gilpin, The Quakers Shaken

Not long after I went to another Meeting upon a Lords day at Robert Colltsons house in Kendale, where the aforesaid Atkinson was Speaker, who beginning about nine a clock in the forenoone, continued till three in the afternoone, in which time he spake much (according to his usuall manner) of the great experience which he had of God from the light within him; which light I not finding to be in my selfe, was very much troubled, apprehending my condition to be very bad, finding nothing but blindnesse and hardnesse; yet I still expected the appearance of that light within me and earnestly desired that I might fall into quaking and trembling apprehending that I should thereby attaine to the immediate discoveries of God unto me. Upon my departure from thence, I perused a Pamphlet set forth by some of the same Faction being in York-Castle, the maine scope of it was against the Ministry; immediately after, walking in my Bed Chamber, I began (as I have formerly desired) to tremble and quake so extreamely, that I could not stand upon my feet, but was constrained to fall down upon my Bed, where I howled and cryed (as is usuall with them) in a terrible and hideous manner, to the great astonishment of my Family; Neverthelesse I my self was not at all affected with feare, because it was a satisfaction to my former desires, and I looked upon it as the beginning of the pangs of the new Birth, and expected that the issue of it would be good; when I had continued about half an houre in that condition, I ceased from howling and crying gradually; after which, I arose up againe beginning to rejoyce, thinking with my selfe, that now I could beare witnesse against the Ministers of England, as false Prophets and Priests of Baal, because I never found such effects and operations upon me by so long continuance under their Ministery.

...still I wayted for further manifestations; and walking into the Garden, lying downe upon the ground with my Face towards the Earth, my right hand began extreamely to shake, so as I could not hold it still, the meaning whereof, whilst I was wondering what it should be, and apprehending my selfe as being shaken by the hand, I was brought into another rapture of great joy, imagining to be a figure of my spiritual Marriage and Union with Christ. Then presently I was by the power with in me raysed, and set upon my Feet, and by the same power turned and layd upon my back, with my Face towards the Skie; at which time, all my sinnes particularly were againe brought into my memory, and at the remembrance of evey sinne, my hand was carryed round about, with giving a little pat upon the ground, and then I imagined I heard a Voyce saying, Now such a sinne is mortified; after which, I being perswaded by it, that all my sinnes were mortified by it one by one; the power that I was then acted by, permitted me to arise up againe of my selfe.

I went to another Meeting within an houre after, at William Doddings house in Kendale, which was the fifth and last Meeting that I was at with them, where Christopher Atkinson being Speaker, I was much more affected with what he spake, then formerly, as being able inwardly to witness in part to what he spoke. After he had done and a little pause had, the company rose up, as if they had been ready to depart; I my selfe was ready to goe away with the first, but the Wife of the house (Isa: Dodding) tooke me by the hand and wringing it very hard, bad me sit downe againe, which I did, and presently after, one John Audland stood up, and began to speake, saying, Cannot you watch one houre? and so proceeded after the usuall manner. In the time of his speaking, I was by the power within me, drawne from the Chaire upon which I sate, and throwne upon the ground, in the middest of the Company, where I lay all Night; all which time, my body and all the members of it, were still in motion, I being turned from my backe to my belly, and so back againe severall times, and making crosses continually, with my Leggs one over another; my hands also were carried to and fro upon the ground by a compulsive power, as if I had been Writing upon the ground; in all which actions and motions, I acted not in the least measure by a naturall power of mine owne, neither did I resist, or could I resist that power which acted me, but was altogether passive, I was perswaded that it was the immediate power of Christ, and heard, to my thinking a Voyce speaking to me and saying, That that Writing with my hand upon the ground, did signify the Writing of the Law within my heart. Having layne all Night upon the ground, in the manner aforesaid, the power (as before in other actions) moved my hands to my head, and layd them on the top thereof fast closed together; whereupon I heard a Voyce saying, Christ in God, and God in Christ, and Christ in thee, which words I was compelled to sing forth before the company in a strange manner, and with such a Voyce as was not naturally mine own: I sang also divers phrases of Scripture, which were given unto me: after which, I was raysed from the ground, and set upon my Feet by the power within me, which bad me be humble, and brought me downe again upon my knees, and with a whispering Voyce said to me, Stoope low, low; and having stooped neere the ground with my Face, it said to me, Take up thy Crosse and follow me

John Gilpin, The Quakers Shaken: Or, A Fire-brand snatch'd out of the Fire. Being a briefe Relation of GODS wonderfull Mercy extended to JOHN GILPIN of KENDALE in WESTMORELAND. Who (as will appeare by the sequel) was not onely deluded by the QUAKERS, but also possessed of the DEVILL (Gateside: for William London, 1653), pp. 5-8.

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