Menagerie: Of Animals

Menagerie: Of Animals

Making Flies Mean Something. A lecture given at the Beckett and Animality conference, University of Reading, 26 September 2009. [pdf version]

The Times of Our Lives. A talk given at the symposium How Insect Are We?, part of Pestival, an Insect Arts Festival, Zoological Society of London, 3 September 2009. [pdf version]

Animals and the Sporting Life. A talk given as a Birkbeck Lunchtime Lecture, 3 June 2009.

Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On. An expanded version of an essay on taxidermy in art published as ‘The Right Stuff’ in Modern Painters (March 2009): 58-63. [pdf version]

Thinking Perhaps Begins There: The Question of the Animal. A review-essay published in Textual Practice 21 (2007): 577-84. [pdf version]

Flysight. An enlarged version of an essay that appears in Cabinet, 25 (2007): 78-84.

Carter’s Parrot (And Other People’s Animals). This essay appears in ‘Shared Space, Brokered Time’, a special edition of Southerly devoted to the work of Paul Carter, 66 (2006): 7-20. [pdf version]

The Antient Commonwealth of Flies. Some arguments and instances arising from, but not forming part of, my bookFly. [pdf version]

The Menagerie of the Senses. A lecture given at the sixth Synapsis conference, I cinque sensi (per tacer del sesto), Bertinoro, Italy, 1 September 2005. [pdf version]

A Dim Capacity For Wings: Angels, Flies and the Material Imagination. A paper given at a research seminar in the Department of English, University of Stirling, 10 November 2004.

Seeing Sound: The Displaying of Marsyas. A lecture given at the University of Nottingham, 16 October 2002.

As Entomate as Intimate Could Pinchably Be. A paper first given, under the title ‘Modernism’s Insect Life’, at theModernist Transactions conference at the University of Birmingham June 30th 2000.