Screen Tests: The Catastrophe of the Screen. A lecture given at the 27th International Screen Studies Conference, University of Glasgow, 25th June 2017. [pdf]

The Word on the Street: Public Reading and Reading in Public. A lecture given at Reading and its Objects, University of Sussex, 8th May 2017. [pdf]

Psychotechnographies: Why All Machines Are Imaginary Machines. A paper given at the Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt, 2nd June 2016 [pdf]

Dream Machines. A lecture given at the Object Emotions: Polemics conference, Gonville and Caius College and Peterhouse, Cambridge, 15th April 2016. [pdf]

How To Do Things With Writing Machines A lecture given at Modern Technographies, Centre for Modernism Studies in Australia, University of New South Wales, 12th December 2014. [pdf]

Modes of Manifold Writing. A text on the polygraph, written for the Literature-Technology-Media website, University of Cambridge, 13th September 2014. [pdf]

Channels. A lecture given at the Literature Media Sound conference, University of Aarhus, 30th November 2013.[pdf version]

Panophonia. A talk given at the Pompidou Centre, Paris, 22nd February 2012. [pdf version]

Photophonics. A lecture given at the Audiovisuality conference, University of Aarhus, 27 May 2011. It is published in Sound Effects, 3.1 (2013): 132-48. [pdf version]

Art, Radio and Alibi. A talk given at Performing Art History, Courtauld Institute, London, 27 January 2011.[pdf version]

Scilicet: Kittler, Media and Madness. A talk given at Media Matters: Friedrich Kittler and Technoculture, 26 June 2008. [pdf version] [ listen] [download mp3]

Gasworks. An essay for the online journal 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century, 6 (2008).

Pregnable of Eye: X-Rays, Vision and Magic. An expanded version of a text written to accompany Phillip Warnell’s film, The Girl With X-Ray Eyes (2008). A version of this text was also given as a talk given for the annual conference of the British Society for Literature and Science, Keele University, 29 March, 2008. [pdf version]

Volts From The Blue. A talk given at the day conference Electra: Electricity in Culture at the Royal Institution, 22 May 2004.

Incidents of the Breath: In Pneumatic and Electric Ventriloquisms. A lecture given in the series ‘Artificial Others: Lectures on Ventriloquism and Automata’ at the Ruskin School of Art and Drawing, Oxford, 17 February 2004.

An Air That Kills: A Familiar History of Poison Gas. A paper given at the Death By Technology conference, Birkbeck College, 30 May 2003.

Voice, Technology and the Victorian Ear. A paper given at the conference on Science and Culture 1780-1900, organised by my colleagues Roger Luckhurst and Jo McDonagh at Birkbeck College on 12 September 1997.