Dickens and the Date. A talk given at Dickens’s Days: Heritage, Celebrations and Anniversaries, Institute of English Studies, London, 8th October 2016. [pdf]

Quantality: The Mathematical Futures of the Humanities. A talk given at the University of Exeter, 8th May 2015. [pdf]

By Numbers. A talk given as part of The Human Zoo, BBC Radio 4, 27th January 2015 [pdf] [listen]

How To Do Things With Writing Machines A lecture given at Modern Technographies, Centre for Modernism Studies in Australia, University of New South Wales, 12th December 2014. [pdf]

To The Ear A Great Compassion: Listening, Counting and Number A paper given at the Faculty of Music Research Colloquium, University of Oxford, 11th November 2014. [pdf]

The Horror of Number: Can Humans Learn to Count? The Alexander Lecture, given at at University College, University of Toronto, 1st October, 2014. [pdf]

Hilarious Arithmetic. The Annual Churchill Lecture, given at the University of Bristol, 27th February, 2014. [pdf]

‘What’s one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one?’ Literature, Number and Death. A talk given at the 20th-21st Literature Seminar, University of Oxford, 4th December, 2013. [pdf version]

Quantum Writing: Literature and the World of Numbers. A lecture given at the Institute of Continuing Education, Cambridge, 13th June 2013. [pdf version}

Blissed Out – On Hedonophobia. A talk given at the Pleasure symposium, De Montfort University, 25th June 2012. [pdf version]

Shackling Accidents: Culture and Chance. A talk given at the University of Kent, 20 November 2011. [pdf version]

The Chances of Literature. A talk given at the Literature and Mathematics conference, University of Aberdeen, 12 June 2010 [pdf version]